Speak Naked Workshops

We custom craft the Speak Naked workshops to fit your group's specific needs, time and budget requirements. We offer conceptual and practical training strategies with an emphasis on actually speaking and presenting, not just book learning and understanding. You will practice presenting feeling great and knowing what it truly is to Speak Naked comfortably, clearly, consciously and courageously. When you Speak Naked you will speak confidently, communicating and connecting with your audience more powerfully than ever before.

Individual One-on-One Speak Naked Training for:
• Executive Speaking and Presentations
• Technical Presentations
• Research Presentations
• Post Doctoral Presentations
• Dissertation Presentations
• Religious and Spiritual Speakers
• Workshop Leaders
• Beginner Speakers

Small Group and Departmental Speak Naked Workshops for:
group• Executive Speaking and Presentations
• Emerging Manager Speaking and Presentations
• Project Management Presentations
• Interdepartmental Presentations
• Technical Presentations
• Religious, Spiritual Speakers and Lay Leaders
• Dissertation and Job Talks
• Public Speaking
• Specialized Speaking and Presentation

Large Venue and Company Wide Speak Naked Workshops:
success• Idea Sharing and Presentation
• Speak Naked and Free Your Creativity
• Custom Presentations

“There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.” — Alexander Gregg


bullet What is it to Speak Naked?
bullet What happens
when we can't Speak Naked?
bullet What will I gain
when I can Speak Naked?
bullet How else can
Speak Naked help me?
bullet How do I learn to Speak Naked?
bullet Will I have to
get naked to Speak Naked?
bullet What will I learn to Speak Naked?
bullet How do I sign up
to Speak Naked?

For your complimentary
Speak Naked consultation,
call Glenn at 203-415-8964 or


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