Glenn DulkoGlenn Dulko founder of Speak Naked

As a young boy, Glenn loved taking things apart, learning about them and then improving upon them. He turned this passion into a successful 25 year business of helping organizations such as Southern Connecticut Gas, Bic, Yale University and ATT by engineering and implementing solutions to their technical communication challenges.

In 1998 Glenn attended a ”silly little singing class" and had a career changing epiphany. He discovered that "true communications is not about technology, it’s about people. This engineer, now singer became the assistant to that singing class and over the next 10 years honed his skills in helping people communicate through singing, feeling comfortable, clear, and courageous. He also learned the reason why "Public Speaking is the #1 Fear in America", how to cure that fear and harness that energy.

In 2008 Glenn turned his attention and skills to helping people share their message, ideas and passions through Public Speaking and Presentations. Using his unique set of skills and awareness, Glenn began helping executives and emerging speakers become not just better public speakers, but outstanding communicators.

In 2012 Glenn's passion, to empower people to share their passion, brought his trainings to the next level and Speak Naked was born. Speak Naked, a program where speakers learn to step out from behind the power point, podium, prompter and props, stripping away everything that stands between them, the audience and the message. Speak Naked creates the space for truly courageous communication magic to happen.

sIdeas are gifts, present them well.


Expand the world of connected possibilities
by having people bring their message, ideas and stories to life, sharing them comfortably, clearly, consciously and courageously.


"This has been one of the most powerful life changing things I have done."

"I have been to lots of workshops/seminars which have includes growth and empowerment. I have walked across fire, eaten fire, broken boards, jumped out of planes, jumped off of buildings, even dressed like a girl. All of these though very powerful in the moment were not very useful in my day to day life. Having the ability to Speak Naked gives me the self confidence to not only speak anywhere any time it also gave me the self confidence to mmore fully experience life anywhere anytime."